Menopause @ Work

In this project I – Noortje – collaborate with several colleagues: Patricia Wijntuin (project leader, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Anna Aalten (University of Amsterdam) and Josje Dikkers (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht). We feel that there is little information and conversation about menopause and how this affects women, especially while doing their jobs. Together we set out to explore the experiences of working women who are going through menopause. We have interviewed 40 women who are employed in higher education institutions. We presented the results of our research on april 11, 2019 at the symposium ‘Let’s talk about… de overgang’. You can find the report (in Dutch) here. The symposium also comprised a theatre performance ‘Transitions’ in which a number of women of different ages reflected on the different life stages in women’s lives. As part of ‘Transitions’ Sabine van Mastrigt performed a spoken word piece (in Dutch), which she wrote based on our interview materials. With her kind permission, we reprint this piece below.


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